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"Zhengde. Please, come home. Let us be a family again."

Zhengde stared balefully out of the sockets of his coyote skull at everyone gathered around him. He was torn - part of him wanting to rage and scream at them for toying with him so, for making him loathe himself and them. He wanted to make good on his vow to Yuna - that there was nothing left within him but hate. But the other part quailed at such viciousness, viciousness that he had seen before in Sado, in Shunji, in Hyde - a viciousness he had never wanted to possess. This part begged that he come to his senses, to let go of all wrongs both real and perceived. It urged him that his family and friends had not acted out of spite - and that they were not there intending to pull him back in only for more torment, more pain, more mockery - that they had never done such things in the first place.

That they had acted from what they thought were the best intentions.

Shunji had once told him and Yuna a story, of a man with the best intentions. A lighthouse keeper on a lonely island, who had brought his cat to keep himself company, that he would not go mad from isolation, and leave his critical watch unattended. His well-meaning choice had damned the species of wren that called the island home, the lone cat systematically driving them all to extinction. 

Shunji had shook his head at the end with a wry smile, saying: "Cap hates that man, who brought that cat."

"That's silly," Zhengde had said, "he couldn't have known what his cat would do."

He looked around at the faces of his family. Anais, who had evolved to keep him from ever being alone, when in reality she would serve as his constant inability to let himself forget everyone he had lost. Crystal, who to torment a monster was making an even more powerful, more deadly one. Jaqen and Darryl, who had felt it wiser to cage an angry - possibly dangerous - wild thing than leave him his escape. All of them acting, not knowing what their actions - their 'cats' - might irrevocably do.

"Zhengde." BlackRose's voice pleaded again, softly, tears in her eyes. He looked at his mother, trying to be angry… but… 'I'll keep better watch from now on,' I said, 'I PROMISE', I SAID. Zhengde thought wretchedly. I didn't stay by her side when she was vulnerable, failed to rescue her when she was in danger, couldn't face her as a failure when she was recovering.

His eyes drifted, to where Anais played her part in surrounding them. She evolved at the cost of being with the rest of her family because her grandson was too stupid to think of the consequences before doing it himself.

He looked at Darryl, Jaqen. I keep them at arms distance, so that should they come to hate me I won't get my heart hurt, not thinking of theirs first as a father should. 

He looked at Crystal, and behind her, just faintly through the mists, he could see the silhouettes of his father, Yuna, Jun, and Gaimorat approaching. I try to run away - shut them out - and they all drop what they're doing in their lives and come fetch me back. 

Lastly, he thought of Sadie, and Yoelvis. A stranger who had given me time when nobody else did, indulged me in my silly antics, gave me counsel, sought me out even after I had gone on my way. Made room in her heart for a nothing like me, treated my sons as she did her own, my father as she would her own, and no matter how many times I've let her down has never given me up - only ever had sweet smiles and warm words for her Z. She tried to warn me once, that wraiths were evil, that they were always plotting to pretend to be everyone you care about.

Is that… what I have now done…? 

Slowly, Zhengde sank back down to the earth. BlackRose moved towards him carefully, as if worried that as soon as she got too close he would tear back away from her again. Zhengde's green glowing eyes lost their round, frightening predatory shape and narrowed down, and his smoky ears lowered sadly, as he took a tentative step forward.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. BlackRose closed the gap between them, and clasped either side of his skull in her hands, a thumb brushing away a tear that she knew would have been there, had he still been a Mirror Beast. She pulled him into a hug, and Zhengde didn't have it in him to pull away - to hurt her again. He just whimpered softly, pressing his skull against her, that he wouldn't have to look anyone else in the eye. He felt Crystal's wings envelope him softly from behind, Anais's cool skull rest atop his, Jaqen and Darryl join them from the sides, Yuna leap upon their mother's shoulder and nuzzle him, Akhenaten, Gaimorat, and Jun squeezing the group snugly from the outside.

Though it had caused him anger, fear, self-loathing, and pain, Zhengde would come back to the world, the real world, once again, hoping against hope that he would not be made to regret his decision.

He would only have forever to live with it.

Who Wants To Live Forever?
(Figured I should put this here in case lurking lurkers who don't lurk on the Forums needed to know what happens to my poor baby wraithling)

Trolls-not-mine both featured and mentioned: :iconwolfsea:'s BlackRose, Crystal, Darryl, Anais. :iconscarlet-pikachu:'s Sadie and Yoelvis
Empress Ki - Jumping off cliff brb by Brokenfangs
Empress Ki - Jumping off cliff brb
*Cannot draw woman, even if disguised as man* *lost ability to crop things in Photoshop artfully* *too lazy to color correct*
Empress Ki - Daecheong Island WIP by Brokenfangs
Empress Ki - Daecheong Island WIP
That one drawing that will never ever be finished. Empress Ki what did you do to me, making me draw people. ;-;

*drawn from photoref, obviously, because cannot people on my own
Empress Ki - Yuan Spies by Brokenfangs
Empress Ki - Yuan Spies
After possibly? convincing some people of the greatness of Empress Ki, I now have an excuse to upload things I drew back during my love affair with the-show-that-ended-me.

Based on something that more-or-less actually happened in the show. This is why you don't bring him on your spy-missions, Nyang.

Shya Prologue

In the faint light of predawn, a lanky male berenga raced through the tall bamboo forest. He had made it a league from the Imperial Palace since he had spirited himself out of its walls, before pursuit started. Now he could hear the cacophony of the dogs of the empire behind him. The wolves that served the Berenga Emperor in Ussuri lands were small, but they were also quick, and many.

They would take him down, he knew. Take him down and then Kaito would be upon him. He snarled as he forced himself through the thick tangling understory with abandon, picking up many scrapes has he snapped the saplings in his race. Leaving behind a scent no longer mattered - all that did was speed. He had but to get to the river and the wolves would not be able to retrieve him for their master.

Just a little farther!

He skidded to a screeching halt, mere inches in front of open air. He looked down, eyes wide, heart in his throat. He let out a breathless curse, as the wolves drew upon him.

"Let's not make this difficult, 'your highness'." Konkani - captain of the wolves - spoke, as his followers fanned out in a semi-circle, closing off the woods. The berenga did not beg, nor plead, nor bribe. He knew such was useless. Konkani had clearly threw in his lot with Kaito, and would not be changing it. He did, however, give the wolf one solid threat, in a soft whisper, barely audible over the sound of the river below and the winds whipping up from it.

"Know this, Konkani. While you stand at the back of Kaito, heaven stands at the back of me. And should my blood stain the lands of Ussuri, they will not sit still. You and yours will be cursed, forever. And when my mortal blood has left my body, I shall be reborn, and bring their wrath upon you myself."

The wolf's previously satisfied expression fell away, and in his eyes, the berenga saw the slightest hint of fear. The look did not vanish even when Kaito appeared from the mists behind him.

"The words and bluster of an illegitimate whelp, Konkani. He is a bastard, and a mistake. He has not the blood of a dragon in him but that of a worm. And heaven does not weep for a worm, no one does." The Prince of the Ussuri spoke confidently. He would, as yet more wolves had drawn up behind him.

"A worm is what you are, Kaito, sending forty dogs to do your job instead of fighting me one on one. There are cats with more honor than you." The pursued berenga's ruff of thick neck fur bristled. Kaito gave him a serene smile.

"I didn't come to end your life with forty 'dogs', though I will, if you force my hand - it's what you deserve, after all. So died the mother, so too should die her spawn. But no, I've come to give you the chance at an honorable death." The Prince drew his sword, considering its gleam for a moment, then threw it at his half-brother's paws. "Die with honor, and I will concede that you had one drop of my father's blood in you."

The berenga stared down at the sword. Slowly, he reached out his paw, picking the blade up in it. The wolves tensed, and Konkani made to stand close to Kaito, ready to shield him from harm. But it was needless.

The outcast from the palace reared up on his back legs, turned, and leapt off the edge, taking the blade with him into the river below. His only thoughts were of his brother's sword, and how if he survived his fall, someday he'd return… and offer it back to Kaito.


Chapter 1 - Tuo

The port town of Jaenan buzzed with commotion, despite the late hour. The ramshackle town was at the far southeast of the great peninsula of the Panju, and its moniker was appropriate. It was a disaster, always the first stop for pirates, marauders, and war. Not that the Panju had had much of war lately. The 20-year peace with the Ussuri appeared to be holding fine. The civilized Ussuri anyhow. More and more of them seemed to be abandoning the sinking ship of civilization, and turning pirate.

The young female Panju known as Tuo walked through the streets, listening to the hustle and bustle. She'd never been to Jaenan before, but had heard enough on the road to know to keep her pouch of coin nestled safely under her green cowl, and an eye on anyone that came too close.

She had come to this last bastion of her people looking for one of her own - a legendary swordsman known as 'Shen'. The little Panju dodged a large male Ussuri who stumbled drunkenly out of the tavern, and slipped inside. There appeared to be some sort of big discussion going on.

"Ye cannot go against dat 'Pard pirate, Michi - t'would only end in yer death, girl." A hoarse voice called up from the corner of the room. There was a loud bang, and Tuo jumped as her eyes were drawn to the bar, where a strong-looking she-berenga stood, her foot surrounded by drinks its slam onto the bar had toppled.

She had long, gray-brown fur, thickest around her haunches and forearms, and in a ruff around her head that nearly swallowed her ears. She was marked with a generous splash of goldenrod that extended from her stomach up past her chest, her neck, where it marked her muzzle, and ended in a starburst going up into her forehead, then disappeared and reemerged at her ears - one of which had been pierced by two golden rings. Her eyes were a striking light orange, her nose a deep black.

But the thing that Tuo noticed most was the Ussuri berenga's armor - dark lamellar plates, held together by silken royal blue cords, fit elegantly on her chest, shoulders, and haunches. She wore a sash of green, which tied at her waist a large, deadly Ussuri sword. Though she was not tall as some of her leviathan kind, she had such a presence that Tuo would rather fight ten big berengas before she would take on this fierce beast.

"You going to sit here on your arse then, Osamu, while that yellow-pelted bastard plunders freely ours and the Panju's lands?" Michi said scornfully. "Then you do just that. I've no need for cowards nor shirkers on my voyage."

The old bear she spoke to bristled, and muttered under his breath. Michi glared at him, daring to say whatever he had a little louder. Osamu did not decide to repeat. Michi straightened, and looked out over the crowd.

"You all've heard me. First light - I'm setting out from this port, and ain't making it again until I've got the 'Pard Pirate Luocha's pelt flying as my ship's new colors. You think you've got the grit to join me? My first mate Kenta will be here all night. Ask, and he'll sign ya right up for a bit of huntin'."

Michi leapt down from the table, as a behemoth dark brown Ussuri stood, bowing his head to her as she passed. Tuo ducked out of her way as the pirate hunter exited the bar. She heard a rasping, gruff voice behind her speak to Kenta.

"I've been looking for a good way to die. This errand of yours seems just about as good as any. Name's Shen. Don't give me that skeptical look boy - I've little patience in my old age and sometimes get of a mind to slice disrespectful greenleafs like yourself into ten pieces in ten seconds."

Shen. Tuo's ears perked, she whipped around, and a huge grin spread across her face as she found just what she'd spent the last two years searching for.


Tuo had signed right up for the pirate-hunter's crew. The large Ussuri had eyed her - her small stature no doubt made him question her ability to fight brigands as big as him - but he shrugged and let her sit at his table. Tuo wanted to sit by Shen, but the elder Panju had vacated the bar to go deal with some 'unfinished business' before morning. So she sat beside Kenta, the pair looking like odd ducks all night, but still others were drawn to them.

"My name is Hisao." A dark golden berenga with gray on his muzzle and white beads in his ruff said in a calm, gentle voice that didn't seem to belong to such a large portly berenga. "Luocha burned my ship out from under me. I have nothing left to live for in this world, but if I could take him out with me before I go… I think it might be a death worth dying."

Kenta raised a paw, ordering another pint for their table. Hisao sat down on Tuo's other side, looking down at her with mild curiosity.

A small black she-berenga with a deep chocolate-colored snout, and a necklace of white stone and red feathers, walked up to the table, her yellow-orange eyes looking between the three. Kenta raised a brow and waited for her to speak, but she said nothing, instead just taking up a place beside Hisao.

"Don't talk?" Kenta prompted. The little berenga shook her head. Negative. She raised her left paw, where an old scar marked the pad. Kenta tilted his head, apparently reading the scratchings. "Tsukiko?"

The she-berenga nodded her head. Kenta ordered a fourth pint. The night wore on with no others coming, and Kenta made to stand when there was a commotion at the door. Panju and berenga alike leapt back and out of the way as a sight rarely seen tore through the bar - a Lyon. 

The maned feline skidded to a halt near the bar, turning about in a frenzy. He spotted Kenta, and with a crazed look in his eyes approached the table. The tall brown Ussuri stood on his back legs, brows gathering intimidatingly down over his gray eyes.

"What d'you want, cat?" Kenta asked in a neutral tone.

"I told her, I told her a thousand times NO!" The Lyon raved, his ears pinned against his skull. "And here she is again, setting off on her fool's errand!"

"You sold your ship to my sister, Corazon. You don't get to complain when she up and decides to sail it." Kenta said, then continued, as if talking to a simpleton: "That's what ships are for."

The Lyon bristled indignantly.

"The Golden Bell isn't ready!" He snapped. Tuo started nervously, suddenly questioning her decision to get on a ship she knew nothing about, but Kenta rolled his eyes.

"You've been working on your little carvings on the rail and embroidery on the sails for six months now, cat. By your standards, she weren't ever gonna be ready."

"And now Mich' is gonna smash her to bits on her 'noble quest', before the world had a chance to ever see 'er proper." The Lyon's tail lashed. Kenta looked annoyed. 

"Captain's not gonna 'smash her to bits', idiot cat. And if she does get damaged, y'know what? We'll bring her right back to ya and pay for you to toil away to your heart's content fixing her back up again." The Ussuri pushed off the table, nodding to Tuo, Hisao, and Tsukiko to follow. Unexpectedly, Corazon leapt in front of him.

"Oh no ye don't! I ain't letting my baby girl out of my sight."

"You can't fight worth a damn, Corazon."

"For my life's great work? I'll learn."

Kenta gave a great exhale, then jerked his head for the Lyon to follow along with the others. The Lyon muscled in rudely in front of Tuo, body stiff with still-simmering anger. She gave him a wide berth.

"Crazy cats." A voice muttered from the back of the group, and Tuo nearly squealed with excitement to see that Shen had rejoined them. Soon she and the legendary swordsman would be out at sea, and he would have to teach her!

Life's finally looking like sweet persimmons after a ten years of summer dust! Tuo thought, walking with a skip in her step as she followed the Ussuri Berenga to her future.


If Michi had had the same doubts about Corazon that Kenta had, she did not voice them. Simply rolled her eyes at the Lyon, jerked her thumb over her shoulder, and beckoned the rest on. She did, however, put a hand out to Tuo.

"Hold up there, young one." She said, looking Tuo up and down. Tuo's heart sank. Surely her reputation as bad luck hadn't traveled this far? She was a nobody! Michi circled the Panju, held out a hand and squeezed her upper arm. She cocked an eyebrow quizzically. "Can you fight, Panju?"

"I can learn to fight." Tuo said, with what she hoped was a determined tone. "I can learn anything I set my mind to, and will."

"You won't complain? Even if I told you to haul a sharka bigger than me out of the water by your lonesome?"

Tuo shook her head fervently. Michi cracked a rare smile, then it was replaced by brief suspicion.

"Don't have any family that'll be looking for their runaway girl, would you?" She asked softly. Tuo's 'determined face' faltered in the face of the stinging question.

"No." She said, equally softly. Michi nodded, then ruffled the fur on her head.

"Onboard you go, then." Tuo nodded, and walked up the gangplank, though slowly, as she was curious if the others would warrant such questions, and what their answers would be. Tsukiko's was obviously pretty easy. She tried to explain with gestures, Michi gave up, waved her aboard. Hisao had pretty much said what he had to Kenta, though he did have experience with fighting, having been in the last war with between Panju and Ussuri.

As Shen walked aboard, Michi held a paw out. The Panju held a piece of bamboo in his front teeth, munching on it every once in a while, looking for all the world completely bored to be embarking on this adventure.

"I know you, don't I old-timer?" The berenga captain asked quizzically.

"Maybe you do." Shen said, as if whether she did or not didn't terribly interest him. Michi nodded to his wrist - where a set of jade beads formed a bracelet, with one seashell hanging off in the middle.

"You're one of the Panju's artifact guardians--"

"Was, one of the Panju's artifact guardians. Now I'm just a member of your crew, same as any other, if you'll have me without so many pesky questions."

Michi looked him up and down once more, then jerked her head at the boat. Shen ambled up, not sparing Tuo so much as a glance, going to the opposite railing, looking out at the sea. The berenga followed him up, and Kenta behind her, pulling up the gangplank. Michi moved to stand in front of her crew.

"Alright, mateys. I am Michi, your Captain. This is Kenta, my First. He is also my brother, so if you decide to pull a merry little mutiny, he's gonna be the one that throws you to the sharkas for suggesting it. We used to ride on merchants ships between Panju and Ussuri lands, but we came upon a need to have our own ship, and that need was named Luocha. You all might know him by that silly moniker people give him of 'the 'Pard Pirate' - as if there were only one. Trust me, there's plenty more. He's just the worst is all."

Michi circled around her crew.

"He's fixing to wreck the whole world with some big 'pirate brotherhood' he's forming, and we've taken it upon ourselves to stop him and his ilk in their tracks. This goal is now yours. You will wake for this goal, you will eat for this goal, you will sleep for this goal, you might even die for this goal. If this is something you're willing to give your all for, get off now, or be thrown off later."

She waited, as nobody spoke up.

"Glad that's settled. Now, this might be some of your's first time sailing, and if it is, buddy up with somebody who looks like they know the ropes. If nobody does, follow me, Kenta, or Corazon over there - maker of this lovely Golden Bell. You'll get it in no time, trust me."

She moved up a short staircase to the upper deck to take the wheel, and roared:                                                                                                                                               
"Now kiss the land of Panju goodbye with your eyes, lads and lasses - we'll not be seeing her again for some time!"

Iron Lyons Fanfic - BEARS
Here is the start of the berenga portion of my Lyonverse fanfic. It is boring now but will get better when pirates happen, hopefully.

Iron Lyons Universe © :iconiron-lyons:


Brokenfangs's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
4th year 3D modeling student at the Academy of Art University.

Preamble: Today after talking to my lovely TRLeague friends, I realized how much I wanted to thank them - for being there, for helping, for everything really. I realize Thanksgiving is months past, and I totally let the date pass by without doing anything more than stuffing my face with delicious food and then sleeping off a food-hangover. For that I apologize. But since this month is the MONTH OF LOVE, I figure it's close enough of a theme to rectify my mistake. 

The Main Course: For months I saw all these fun, zany goings-on in this group. I silently watched from the shadows. I sort of knew who everybody was - they'd followed my friend Yen, and posted how much they liked my ludicrous Muro comic. But I didn't really know them personally. I figured, since I'd never played a game like this before, that I would be so ungodly slow and pathetic that they would all get sick and tire of me. But eventually, Yen posted this little Ronzor that for whatever reason, spoke to me so hard I couldn't resist. I went for it, and the Mirror Beast that appeared after, and knew that I'd have to get into things.

It was with some trepidation that I approached :iconwolfsea: to show me the ropes. What if she gets totally sick of me? To my surprise, she treated my total incompetence at battling, leveling, what-have-you with the utmost patience and understanding. Not once did she get pissed at my flubs, and helpfully corrected when I went awry. She also was the first to send all her trolls to RP with mine on their pages and pictures. I had never been really vested in any group in dA, but she pulled me in like a surprise Octothug hug, to a world that is now holds a massive place in my heart. Thank you, Wolfsea.

:iconscarlet-pikachu: to the best of my recollection zoomed into my life one day like a Speed Demon and over the course of the late night troll-chatting that followed immediately after, we bonded. I'm a bit of a Scudder - I very, very rarely reach out to someone of my own free will. Even if you leave a comment, I'll just sort of leave a not open-ended reply and let what could be an awesome connection shrivel and die, because I'm a hermit who really doesn't like crawling out of my hole. But Scarlet took the chatting equivalent of a crowbar and bit by bit pulled me out into socialization. And what'd'ya know? I kinda like it out here! Thank you, Scarlet.

At first, I wasn't really sure what the deal was with :iconashwolf-forever:. She suddenly appeared one day, and everybody seemed to know who she was, and I was massively confused. I found out later that she had had an unfortunate computer crash and been gone during the time I joined. But at the time I suspected that she just didn't like me very much and so had refrained from commenting. Nevertheless, we started to converse and became friends as well. It was heartwarming to learn that people in the group had had her back for the whole 6 months or so that she had been gone. It showed me that people in the League all have each others' backs, and for good reason. AshWolf is a wonderful person. Thank you, Ash.

:iconwildheartthewarrior: is someone who as soon as I noticed from my shell I knew I liked instantaneously. I mean, I'd noticed her before, but as soon as she made her Phantom of the Opera Mirror Beast I knew. This person is a fantastic person. Everything she did with her troll characters I followed eagerly - not so much commenting, because I was still an awkward weirdo - but I still watched, and laughed at the antics of Erik and Co. Their stories warmed my heart like a cup of Jerry the Cuckoo's cocoa, whenever I was in need of it. Like the above three, Wildheart has become one of my awesome friends, who I feel makes the group - hell, the world - a better place just by virtue of being in it, let alone the awesome things she creates and does. Thank you, Wildheart.

I confess, I don't talk with :icondevinital: as much as I should, but that's because I suspect the only words out of my mouth upon seeing each of their amazing art+writing deviation combos would be "Duuuuuuuh you're so awesomeeeeeee" followed by senseless dumbstruck drooling. She is a person I firmly believe literally everyone on DeviantART should watch. Her art and writing are top notch, and unlike a lot of people with that kind of skill, her personality is too! She is considerate, helpful, and humble, and I'm proud to be hovering around her inspiring orbit. Thank you, Devinital.

I know she won't see this for a long time due to internet troubles, but holy frijoles, :iconzenarrausj7: is like The Justice League to me, all rolled into one being that by all rights should have an awesomeness warning label accompanying her. She doesn't let anybody talk smack about her or her friends, and is unafraid to speak her mind about anything that's important to her. She also got the TRLeague website and forums up-and-running (from what little I understand of their functions) mostly on her own. She's clearly some sort of wizard. Thank you, Zen.

I fear this journal has gotten long, yet there are so many more people to thank. Maybe I'll do a part 2 come actual Thanksgiving. :'D Anyways, there's one last person I definitely cannot go without personally thanking, and that is the ever-awesome :iconyenzig:, the one who started it all. She requires never-ending thanks from me for the personal reasons of tolerating and putting up with my ungodly slowness on our project together, but for now, I'll focus on what she's done in relation to this group:

She made this group to help people deal with their trolls, their own personal demons, whether those demons were within or without. Demons that perhaps you were unable to face safely if you attempted to take them on in the real world. Even more than than creating effigies to either reform or just let out some steam on, she has created a place of understanding and sympathy, where like-minded individuals can gather together and create something more - a rich, intricate, endless world to play in. The troll characters I've cooked up have been my favorite characters I've ever done. I have made more close friends here than I have offline in the past five, and they mean more to me than they could possibly know. They inspire me to do better, work harder and faster, and reach back out to them the way they have to me. Thank you, Yen.

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