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About Film & Animation / Student BrokenfangsFemale/United States Group :iconanimals-and-anatomy: Animals-and-Anatomy
Bones, muscles, systems, ART!
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Tarkin Bio by Brokenfangs
Tarkin Bio
Just wanted his bio up already so I lazy'd and wrote like 3 lines.

Facts about Tarkin:

- Has a massive aversion to being touched. Whether because he has lived in space for so long and thus has no immunities, or is just like a massive overreactor, Tarkin will become dramatically ill from being touched, and put whomsoever does said touching on his 'never interact with in any way for the rest of eternity' list.

- Is only ever active when it is dark outside (or dark wherever Brokenfangs and therefore he is at in the world), as he is entirely nocturnal. His eyes cannot handle the sun.

- Is fine with dirt/filth existing so long as it is not touching his person. Then he goes full-crazy-space-vacuum.

- The above is why he is incapable of riding public transit.

- Seriously, he tried to create a singularity on Muni.

- Lives outside of the house, at the top of a very large spruce tree (about 200-ish feet up).


1 full-bg picture.

1 story on Forums.
Tarkin PuritCob by Brokenfangs
Tarkin PuritCob
In exchange for several designs for :iconyenzig:, I got this beastie.

I have no idea how to draw him without the background. Tarkin, how do you even work? :iconimhappierplz:
Yuna Bio by Brokenfangs
Yuna Bio
Had a spare moment to do her bio. Will eventually get a picture up of her edits to herself. XD Currently, Yuna sits pretty at slightly smaller than Helena. She'll probably not ever get too much bigger than the Alarmatoad. Bonsai beast, go!

*Daughter of BlackRose and Akhenaten, inherited her mom's colors, her dad's brightness/sat and big pointy ears, and grandpa Erik's tricolor mane (and face-projection tendencies). Hopefully going to Vamp it up someday. ^^

LEVEL 4 (must update stats/sheet). 0/2 to level 5.

1 win against :iconscarlet-pikachu:'s Gamma.
1 win against :iconscarlet-pikachu:'s Gamma.
1 story on Forums.
1 loss (kamikaze'd) to :iconwildheartthewarrior:'s Beth.
1 win against :iconwildheartthewarrior:'s Beth.


Brokenfangs's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
4th year 3D modeling student at the Academy of Art University.

Preamble: Today after talking to my lovely TRLeague friends, I realized how much I wanted to thank them - for being there, for helping, for everything really. I realize Thanksgiving is months past, and I totally let the date pass by without doing anything more than stuffing my face with delicious food and then sleeping off a food-hangover. For that I apologize. But since this month is the MONTH OF LOVE, I figure it's close enough of a theme to rectify my mistake. 

The Main Course: For months I saw all these fun, zany goings-on in this group. I silently watched from the shadows. I sort of knew who everybody was - they'd followed my friend Yen, and posted how much they liked my ludicrous Muro comic. But I didn't really know them personally. I figured, since I'd never played a game like this before, that I would be so ungodly slow and pathetic that they would all get sick and tire of me. But eventually, Yen posted this little Ronzor that for whatever reason, spoke to me so hard I couldn't resist. I went for it, and the Mirror Beast that appeared after, and knew that I'd have to get into things.

It was with some trepidation that I approached :iconwolfsea: to show me the ropes. What if she gets totally sick of me? To my surprise, she treated my total incompetence at battling, leveling, what-have-you with the utmost patience and understanding. Not once did she get pissed at my flubs, and helpfully corrected when I went awry. She also was the first to send all her trolls to RP with mine on their pages and pictures. I had never been really vested in any group in dA, but she pulled me in like a surprise Octothug hug, to a world that is now holds a massive place in my heart. Thank you, Wolfsea.

:iconscarlet-pikachu: to the best of my recollection zoomed into my life one day like a Speed Demon and over the course of the late night troll-chatting that followed immediately after, we bonded. I'm a bit of a Scudder - I very, very rarely reach out to someone of my own free will. Even if you leave a comment, I'll just sort of leave a not open-ended reply and let what could be an awesome connection shrivel and die, because I'm a hermit who really doesn't like crawling out of my hole. But Scarlet took the chatting equivalent of a crowbar and bit by bit pulled me out into socialization. And what'd'ya know? I kinda like it out here! Thank you, Scarlet.

At first, I wasn't really sure what the deal was with :iconashwolf-forever:. She suddenly appeared one day, and everybody seemed to know who she was, and I was massively confused. I found out later that she had had an unfortunate computer crash and been gone during the time I joined. But at the time I suspected that she just didn't like me very much and so had refrained from commenting. Nevertheless, we started to converse and became friends as well. It was heartwarming to learn that people in the group had had her back for the whole 6 months or so that she had been gone. It showed me that people in the League all have each others' backs, and for good reason. AshWolf is a wonderful person. Thank you, Ash.

:iconwildheartthewarrior: is someone who as soon as I noticed from my shell I knew I liked instantaneously. I mean, I'd noticed her before, but as soon as she made her Phantom of the Opera Mirror Beast I knew. This person is a fantastic person. Everything she did with her troll characters I followed eagerly - not so much commenting, because I was still an awkward weirdo - but I still watched, and laughed at the antics of Erik and Co. Their stories warmed my heart like a cup of Jerry the Cuckoo's cocoa, whenever I was in need of it. Like the above three, Wildheart has become one of my awesome friends, who I feel makes the group - hell, the world - a better place just by virtue of being in it, let alone the awesome things she creates and does. Thank you, Wildheart.

I confess, I don't talk with :icondevinital: as much as I should, but that's because I suspect the only words out of my mouth upon seeing each of their amazing art+writing deviation combos would be "Duuuuuuuh you're so awesomeeeeeee" followed by senseless dumbstruck drooling. She is a person I firmly believe literally everyone on DeviantART should watch. Her art and writing are top notch, and unlike a lot of people with that kind of skill, her personality is too! She is considerate, helpful, and humble, and I'm proud to be hovering around her inspiring orbit. Thank you, Devinital.

I know she won't see this for a long time due to internet troubles, but holy frijoles, :iconzenarrausj7: is like The Justice League to me, all rolled into one being that by all rights should have an awesomeness warning label accompanying her. She doesn't let anybody talk smack about her or her friends, and is unafraid to speak her mind about anything that's important to her. She also got the TRLeague website and forums up-and-running (from what little I understand of their functions) mostly on her own. She's clearly some sort of wizard. Thank you, Zen.

I fear this journal has gotten long, yet there are so many more people to thank. Maybe I'll do a part 2 come actual Thanksgiving. :'D Anyways, there's one last person I definitely cannot go without personally thanking, and that is the ever-awesome :iconmistressoftrolls:, the one who started it all. She requires never-ending thanks from me for the personal reasons of tolerating and putting up with my ungodly slowness on our project together, but for now, I'll focus on what she's done in relation to this group:

She made this group to help people deal with their trolls, their own personal demons, whether those demons were within or without. Demons that perhaps you were unable to face safely if you attempted to take them on in the real world. Even more than than creating effigies to either reform or just let out some steam on, she has created a place of understanding and sympathy, where like-minded individuals can gather together and create something more - a rich, intricate, endless world to play in. The troll characters I've cooked up have been my favorite characters I've ever done. I have made more close friends here than I have offline in the past five, and they mean more to me than they could possibly know. They inspire me to do better, work harder and faster, and reach back out to them the way they have to me. Thank you, Yen.

  • Mood: Joy
  • Reading: The Forges of Dawn
  • Drinking: Coffee

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Yuna: "Our house!" :noes:

Akhenaten: "Bu-whu-- I just added the chalkboards to the interior!" :x *chases after*

*Meanwhile, Gaimorat plots a takeover of the pyramid's former spot.* 
Wolfsea Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Student General Artist
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Thank you so much. I try. :'D
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