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Bones, muscles, systems, ART!
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JuJuChronicles Part BLUE by Brokenfangs
JuJuChronicles Part BLUE
Please note: I don't have an actual horse.

:bulletred:Ken: Btw Zen I highly recommend jumping off mountain with horse it's hilarious
:bulletgreen:Zen: lmaooooo omg if thsi was a real life convo and no one knew the context....
:bulletred:Ken: Hahahha omg I'm drawing this I've added it to the list
:bulletgreen:Zen: Like just imagining us in a cafe sipping hot coco "Oh and by the way, I HIGHLY recommend jumping off mountains with a horse. It's HILARIOUS." *sips drink as we chortle and i respond* oh indeed. I have done that NUMEROUS times. Tis a laugh!"
"Sad the horse dies when I do. I go through them SO fast."
:bulletred:Ken: "If you angle the jump just right, it'll shoot out from under you like a torpedo." person overhearing: ?!?!?
:bulletgreen:Zen: "One time I did it the horses head went forward in such an exaggerated manner, almost like a rubber necked goose! *chortling* *sips more drink**
:bulletred:Ken: *adjusts monocle* "Quite. It makes for a glorious moment if you throw cheese wheels mid jump."
:bulletgreen:Zen: LMAO YOU CAN DO THAT?
JuJuChronicles Part Roman Numeral 1 by Brokenfangs
JuJuChronicles Part Roman Numeral 1
HERE AT LAST I FINALLY BEGIN MY SHARE OF THE JUJU CHRONICLES that thus far :iconzenarrausj7: has been doing alone because I am a slow procrastinator busybutt. :B I don't have the text for this one because it was a phone convo, but in summary, Zhengde is a really weird name to say if you have never happened to have heard it uttered aloud before. :iconzoomoutplz:
Apollo Battle Sheet by Brokenfangs
Apollo Battle Sheet
Level: 1
Attack: 3
Defense: 4

Special Moves:

The first troll caught in the brave new world, Apollo acts as a sort of guide to the team. He seems an old hat at most everything in his world, and is happy to share his knowledge with the team, making himself useful to these large, powerful - bizarre - trolls. Of course, we’ll be sure to pay him back for it, with whatever his little heart desires. The first item on his list? That lovely rusty sword we picked up when we found him. The only things that seem to bring out a darker side to the otherwise friendly, if brash Recalt is when you mention Diablo 3, or Warriors past the 1st series, in a positive manner. Just... don’t. DX

*this isn't to say Ken doesn't like those things, she thinks they're fine and dandy, except when Apollo is within earshot ;>>*


Here's Apollo, the cutie I caught in Adventure mode. ;w; Yen did his design and he's soooooooo adoooooraaaaablleeeeeeeeeee *screaming* Anyways, figured I'd get on board with the easier-to-edit full body sheets that everybody's been doing, but decided to add a little Illustrator spiffiness from when I was thinking up bio designs a while back. ^^ Might transparency some of it later though.

Trolls / Saint//Cain © :iconyenzig:
Guardian by Brokenfangs
I wanted to do some new pictures of my trolls in the future! :iconallthethingsplz: Yuna was looking a little cartoony and undefined next to special-effects-fest Tarkin, so I tried adding some moss and leaf detail, of which I might post some closeup shots on my art thread on the forum~

Was going for a blown-out blue desert lighting (y'know when you take of your goggles in snow, or shades in desert, and it does that wtf is this searing blue light). Unfortunately, I don't think I quite got it right. I blame Tarkin, and his space matter eating all light that touches it, ignoring its effects. D':<

Yuna now bumped to level 6, Tarkin to level 4, bb

Trolls species © :iconyenzig:
GAKSITAAAAAAAAAAL part4 by Brokenfangs
An actual thing that happened in the show. For anyone who's interested, one of the things Gaksitaaaaaal loves is to cast really attractive people who sob really ugly and heart-wrenchingly and real. It is one of my favorite things about it.

Anyways, that's it for kdrama/people art this week. I have reached my quota. *slithers back into my pile of important things to art*

Gaksitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal © KBS2 


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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
4th year 3D modeling student at the Academy of Art University.
Attention! Winners of the troll adopts I have posted will be chosen tomorrow night (note: as I am running on Pacific Time, your night may very well arrive before mine), so if anybody's got any last-minute drawings/writing for the entries, I suggest submitting them! :)
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Brokenfangs Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Student Filmographer
Oh my goooood Wild this is the greatest thing ever. :rofl:
WildheartTheWarrior Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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The endless loop of infinite Luke! :dummy: I do too. XD
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Brokenfangs Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Student Filmographer
There were no jumpscares in the 90s though. Unless you count the dress sense.
scarlet-pikachu Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
What was Jaws then?!

Or the Killer Shrews where it had dogs with mops on their backs attacking trees. (Recommend the hell out of this movie, Broken, seriously watch it, you'll laugh forever)
Brokenfangs Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Student Filmographer
70s. ._.

And Shrews was the... 50s, 60s? They were playing it at a city bar one night. XD I assume 50s/60s, black n white and all that.
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Brokenfangs Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Student Filmographer
:iconletmehugyouplz: I actually assumed I was watching you already, and then when your journal only showed up in the name-link-section-thing I realized I wasn't, and needed to rectify my mistake!
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